Lowell House Society of Russian Bell Ringers

Lowell House Society of Russian Bell Ringers

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jessbio.jpgJessica Ding ’19 was born to ring bells, and her name suggests.  She is a senior at Harvard, an undergraduate in Lowell House, and a proud native of New Orleans. She studies Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Folklore and Mythology, and she plans to attend medical school next year. When she’s not swinging clappers, Jessica loves to swim, and is a devout member of the Harvard Club Swimming team (and Crescent City Swim Club back home!). Since her sophomore year, Jessica has been a bell ringer with Lowell House, and she previously went to Russia in 2017 to train campanology with the Russian Orthodox masters. She’s so thrilled to ring bells in Russia once again!

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Isabelle DeSisto ‘20 was born to ring bells, as her name suggests.  She lives in Mather House, but has since been proudly adopted into the Lowell bell and tea family. She hails from Boston and concentrates in Government, with a focus on the politics of the former Soviet Union. Aside from bell ringing, Isabelle is a member of the Harvard Club Swimming Team, a SHARC educator, and a J.P. Licks fanatic. She officially joined the Lowell House Society of Russian Bell Ringers this year. Although she’s traveled to Russia before and seen much of the motherland, she’s excited to re-experience it, this time by hearing it.

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2018-08-19 10.54.54Peter Hartnett ’19 is a senior from Lowell House with a concentration in Applied Mathematics. From Cape Cod, he may not have gone far from home to Harvard, but he spent two summers in the Middle East to study Arabic. He also traveled to Russia with the Lowell House Society of Russian Bell Ringers last year and even participated in an international bell festival in Latvia with Father Roman, a dear friend of Lowell House at the Danilov Monastery in Moscow. At graduation, Peter will commission as a military officer and attend pilot training. He figured he’d get a head start on great heights and loud noises.

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Evander Price is a gevanlowellraduate student in American Studies at Harvard and a resident tutor at Lowell House.  He studies American art history and literature through the peculiar lens of time theory, or chronocriticism. Time: it’s that thing that keeps everything from happening at once. So how does a particular culture’s temporal imagination affect its ethics? Just how much future is there, anyways? He is also very interested in ecocriticism, the history of science, cosmology, science fiction, and all things Herman Melville. Before coming to Harvard, he was a curatorial intern at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as the New Bedford Whaling Museum, and he spent a year living in Russia as a junior in  college.  Despite studying time, he has a terrible sense of rhythm, and can only hope this trip improves his bellin’.

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